Being charged with a DUI for the first time can be overwhelming. But don't worry-there's someone on your side. Get in touch with Candace Ogle Law if you're looking for a first-offense DUI attorney in Morgantown & Monongalia County, WV.

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The possible penalties for a first-time DUI offense

What are the consequences of a first-time DUI offense in Morgantown, WV? Well, it depends on the severity of your specific situation. A first-time offense is generally considered a misdemeanor. You could face:

  • Fines- $100 to $500, plus court fees
  • Jail time- A maximum of six months in jail
  • License suspension- A six-month license revocation

A first-offense DUI attorney can explain these consequences in more detail. Hire Candace Ogle Law today for help with your DUI law issue.