Are you being charged with a fraud or theft offense in Morgantown & Monongalia County, WV? Were you arrested for shoplifting? Candace Ogle Law offers representation for fraud and theft offenses. Attorney Candace Ogle is an experienced fraud lawyer. She will work with you to present your case in front of the judge effectively. You'll have the opportunity to review the details of the case and tell your side of the story.

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Fraud and theft offenses can have serious consequences. Candace Ogle Law has experience representing clients in a variety of financial fraud cases, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • Identity theft

If you’re being charged with theft or fraud, attorney Candace Ogle will stand by your side in court. Make an appointment with a trusted fraud attorney in Morgantown & Monongalia County, WV today by calling 304-685-0818.